The Bridge Cambodia

Country: Cambodia | | Type: Mixed | Address: Village No.14, National Assembly Street, Tonle Bassac Commune, Chamkarmorn District, Phnom Penh City, Kingdom of Cambodia | Tenure: Freehold | TOP Year: 2018 | Developer: Oxley Diamond (Cambodia) Co, Ltd

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The Bridge Cambodia – The dream property to own

It is obvious that, the desire of a man or a woman changes from time to time when property is considered. As time passes, they have to take decisions to get a life as they want to have. Are you looking for a Residential Condo or a SOHO type property for your personal or business use? Yes, this will the end to all your daunting queries and you don’t worry about any of the issue surrounded within that since you have landed in the place now!  People from all around the globe should be aware about this article especially from Cambodia since it would reveal about the essence about a project called the Bridge Cambodia. There are 100 percent chances that many would know about this in Cambodia but this piece of information must reach globally.

So look at the essentials about the Bridge Cambodia project:

Obviously, the Bridge Cambodia project would be one of the nation’s tallest apartment as well as complex type which we call it as a mixed type of property. This bridge is situated beside the Australian Embassy in the Tonle Bassac district of Phnom Penh City. The Bridge Cambodia project is developed based on the proper plan which consists of 2 towers. These two towers would be linked with the help of sky-bridges. People would get the surrounding city views in the most exquisite manner without any kind of doubt. As I have already mentioned that The Bridge Cambodia is a mixed development type of property i.e. Commercial which is also known to be Condo and SOHO which would be expanded as “Small Office Home Office”.  Tower 1 would be for Residential and Tower 2 would be for SOHO.

To be precise, this project have 762 units for residential and 963 units for SOHO, the Retails Mall will have 595 units and there are also 32 shophouse units. There are 1034 car parking lots and 384 motorcycle lots.

Condo Units and its essence:

As already mentioned, there would be 762 units for residential. Which comprises of one bedroom units, 2 bedroom with a study room, 3 bedroom and penthouses which would have (2 to 4) bedrooms .The offered units for one bedroom would be 407 units, 186 units for 2 bedroom with a study room, 93 units for 3 bedroom, 20 units for penthouse and  28 units for 2 bedrooms.

SOHO Units and its essence:

As we know SOHO can be expanded as Small Office Home office, yet there are surprises too. There is a high quality Grade An office in prime location with sky pool and fitness gym at the 39th floor which is made exclusive for SOHO executives. People can relax their mindset at a private rooftop pool with drinks and some people would be more into fitness and they can utilize the gym.

There are 16  different sizes for the buyers to match their needs and specifications. There is also a lease back guarantee of 18 percent for the first 3 years. Those who choose to occupy and work in the SOHO would surely feel delighted since the place would give them a look and feel of comfort.

So those were the little information about the bridge at Cambodia project. Now let us see some of the valid reasons to choose them as your residential or your SOHO partner. It has been discussed below.

Reasons to choose The Bridge Cambodia project as your partner:

The developer of this project:

Of course, the developer of the bridge Cambodia project is very Reputable both in Singapore, Cambodia, South East Asia and UK. As we know, Oxley Diamond (Cambodia) Co, Ltd is the legend in designing as well as developing the project, so people can be 100 percent sure about this project without any form of skepticism.


It is a fact that whenever there is product in the market, based on the opinion of other people, the product might be in the market or thrown out of the market. Likewise, the developer of this project have gave many successful ones in this field so people need not worry about any kind of issues since they would design considering the latest trend in the market and as per the need of the people.


This actually plays a vital role in each and every one of the people’s life since it is foundation criteria that everyone looks upon as well as judged. The management of Oxley Diamond (Cambodia) Co, Ltd have massive experience in this field. People should consider this valid reason for sure without any form of dilemma.


This is really what most of the people expects from all the aspects and corner. A place with good surrounding gives more happiness rather than it’s vice versa. The bridge Cambodia projects have good surrounding views of its city. People would get a clear view of its surrounding in pleasant evenings, calm morning and a sunny noon.


There is no compromise with facility since there are more facility in this project. As we have mentioned that there are 2 towers, the facilities include sundeck swimming pool, children’s playground, family gym, and function halls to host private events which is more than enough.

Packed Privilege:

Yes, The Bridge Cambodia has shopping malls, eateries and so on within the whole complex so people will never have the need to leave the place at all.



Site Plan
Floor Plan

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