The Bridge Retail Mall

Country: Cambodia | Type: Commercial | Address: Village No.14, National Assembly Street, Tonle Bassac Commune, Chamkarmorn District, Phnom Penh City, Kingdom of Cambodia | Tenure: Freehold | TOP Year: 2018 | Units: 630 | Floor Size: 108.00~612.00 sqft | Developer: Oxley Diamond (Cambodia) Co, Ltd – jointly developed by Oxley International Holdings Pte Ltd & Worldbridge Land (Cambodia) Co, Ltd


Project Details

the bridge retail mall

An Awesome investment with a 70% Guaranteed Return over 10 years

In this technological world, people always tend to look out for a commercial property which must be more sophisticated and luxurious for sure. These people might be more skeptic about several issues such as convenience, security, financial and much more considering these properties which they are about to choose.  For the people of Cambodia especially Phnom Penh City, whom into the business sector will find The Bridge Retail Mall project very much delighted undoubtedly. Here are some of the valuable insights about this project and what will be the result at the end? People would surely feel delighted for choosing them and having them.

So what is in The Bridge Retail Mall?

Of course, there are lots of beneficial issues which must be discussed about The Bridge Retail Mall project. This project is fully meant for the commercial purpose and for the people, who would like to improve financial status will surely help accomplish their goal in future. The plan has been done perfectly by the group of Oxley Diamond (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. who are one of the well- known real estate developers with a massive amount of more than 20 years experience in this field. As far as this project, it is considered as one of a very high budgeted project.

Oxley Diamond (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. Is actually a property based company which was jointly formed by Oxley Holdings Limited and World Bridge Land (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. All the professionals from their company are well-equipped with the latest trends among development part so people need not worry about that at any point of time. They have the good track of record in this field so people need not worry about that. They have successfully completed many projects throughout their career so they are ensured to give the appropriate results to their clients. They have limited number of terms and conditions in their field which is very reasonable and people would feel it is fair enough for their business.

There are about 630 units that can be occupied in the Bridge Retail Mall. Typically, there is unique name assigned to each and every unit which are in The Bridge Retail Mall. Approximately each floor size would be around 108.00 ~ 612.00 square meters respectively. This commercial plot tenure method would be “Freehold” and the Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) would be issued at end 2018 as mentioned. There are several restaurants and shops which are under the different square meter. There are restaurants right from 38.11 square meters till 102.47 square meters and the shops from small scale area to large scale area.  The address of this project would be Village No.14, National Assembly Street, Tonle Bassac Commune, Chamkarmorn District, Phnom Penh City, Kingdom of Cambodia. Each and every unit area is designed considering the various legal aspects of development.

The design of this project is modern as per the trend with top rated luxurious facilities for the people for sure. People who visit this place will feel like it is a heaven without any doubt. The materials which are used to build them have undergone many tests so that the building is well-equipped.

Surrounded Features of the Bridge Retail Mall project:

There are several notable features around its surrounding and few are mentioned below.

  1. There is an upcoming hotel named Shangri-La Hotel, Naga World which is the most famous casino hotel.
  2. There are several embassies which are Russian Embassy as well as Australian Embassy and National Embassy.
  3. There is also AEON mall, Sofitel and future South East Asia’s tallest story tower too.

What is within 10 to 15 minutes walk?

When people walk for about 10 to minutes on the road, they would reach independence Monument, Elite Town Golf Club, Koh Pich City Hall, Royal Palace, and Sisowath Quays which would be so similar to Singapore’s Clarke Quay.

The Bridge Retail Mall will be so convenient to the people who live by near National Assembly Street of Phnom Penh City, Cambodia for sure since there is a world-class Zaman International School located, then Phnom Penh International Airport within 30 minutes of time and last but not least all the Lifestyle eateries & entertainment will be at people’s doorstep. People would wonder whether the place would be safe and secured considering all the issue.

Of course, it is. The whole perimeter has CCTV camera attached and it would be working for all 24 hours a day. And moreover, the card access control is also introduced to make the security tougher for normal people. There is even a separate maintenance office which will work for 24×7 to ensure proper and stabilized maintenance of the Bridge Retail Mall. Unlike others, each individual should consider all of the above issues so that they can live a life, as they want. There are very few places which would come up with high amount of advantages and benefits and one such place is in Cambodia which is called The Bridge Retail Mall. We are sure that you will feel with high comfortableness as well as high convenience with the surrounding.

So what will be the overall benefit?

As you know about this project, it is mainly focused to give financial benefits to the people whom come & visit, to the people who run the business and so on. People who live nearby National Assembly Street of Phnom Penh City, Cambodia can make use of this luxurious place to be beneficial in terms of wealth and entertainment. People will feel like they live in luxury for sure since there are lots of facilities in this mall and so do people would have come to know about it. At the end, people will be beneficial in terms of their business, a life which would be so peaceful and calm. They will surely attain the goal of their business in an increasing way. So why are you waiting? Give us a call now! If you have any kind of enquiries, do email us. We look forward to your message.



Site Plan



Floor Plan

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